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Murcia Travel Guide - Spain


Murcia is a beautiful city located in the south east part of Spain. After watching the Murcia Travel Guide you know the top things to do from the old center to the best museums and a castle just outside the center. I explain the best ways to travel to Murcia mostly from the nearby city Alicante. Enjoy this 7 minutes Murcia Travel Guide in 4K. Things to do in Murcia: 0:00​​ - Intro 0:30 - Travel to Murcia 0:57 - Old Town 1:22 - Plaza Cardenal Belluga 1:42 - Cathedral de Santa Maria 2:25 - Plaza de las Flores 2:46 - Real Casino 3:10 - Mercado de Abastos de Verónicas 3:37 - Best time to visit Murcia 4:00 - Castillo de Monteagudo 4:37 - Outdoor spaces/parks 5:20 - Museo de Santa Clara 5:46 - Museo Salzillo 6:04 - Museo Arqueológico de Murcia (MAM) 6:22 - How to travel to the beach Subscribe: 🤍 Get more Travel Tips in Europe: Valencia Travel Guide: 🤍 Copenhagen Travel Guide: 🤍 Torino Travel Guide: 🤍 Porto Travel Guide: 🤍 Paris Travel Guide: 🤍 Follow me: Instagram: 🤍 For collaboration and inquiries: martijn🤍 Gear used in the Murcia Guide: Panasonic S1H Panasonic Lumix S 85mm f/1.8 L-mount Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG DN Art L-mount Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary L-mount DJI RS-3 stabilizer DJI Fly mini 2 #murcia #murciaspain #murciatravel

Top 10 Things to do Murcia - Travel Guide


In the region of Murcia there is a plethora of activities and attractions to see an do, so we wanted to share a list of our ten favorite things do do while visiting this magical autonomous community of Spain. For more information please go to 🤍 This video was sponsored by Murcia Turistica and Visit Spain. (🤍 STAY CONNECTED HERE/ CONNECTA CON NOSOTROS AQUI Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Youtube: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 Google+ : 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 SCRIPT Bienvenido and welcome to Murcia! This region is sandwiched between Valencia and Andalusia, and has a ton of awesome stuff to do. So I'm going to show you my top ten favorite things to do in Murcia. Come on, let's go! 1) Beaches With over 250km of coast, there are all kinds of amazing beaches and costal scenery, to be enjoyed year round. Thanks to 300 days of sun a year and an average temperature of 19 degrees Celcius. 2) Adventure In the region of Murcia, there is no shortage of adventure activities. From hiking in the rugged mountains, to all along the picturesque coast………..Cycling enthusiasts, will be happy to hear there is also plenty of terrain for them to explore, too. A 150 peaks above 1000m makes it an ideal location for all types of adventure sports. 3) Gastronomy Like the rest of Spain, Murcia is a food lovers paradise. Serving all the typical spanish dishes, as well as some locally inspired cuisine. Excellent choices for both land and sea fare, however, they are especially known for their produce 4) Vino You have to wash down that delicious food with something, it might as well be some locally produced wines. There are three distinct wine regions, each producing several varietals worth savoring. So fill your glass and spend sometime with some good friends. 5) City life If you are looking for something a lit bit more upbeat, head to the cities of Murcia and Cartagena, which make up the only two metropolitan areas in the province. Murcia is found inland and has a population of around half a million….while Cartagena is found along the coast with nearly a quarter million inhabitants. Both are great places to visit museums, cafes, markets, shops and just admire the architexture. 6) nature The autonomous community of Murcia is blessed with some excellent and diverse natural settings. If you like green, head to the dense forests of Sierra Espuña, or if you want to see some crazy wind erosion go to Bolnuevo, pink salt flats and flamingos can be seen at Salinas de San Pedro, and one of my favorites is the Ricote Valley which has the look of an oasis, tucked between the desert and the mountains. 7) History & Culture All throughout the region you will find remnants of past civilizations. Dating back more than 3000 years. This can be observed by visiting the many cathedrals and archeological sites. For a more cultural experience I recommend visiting some small towns. Ojós, Blanca, and Caravaca de la Cruz just to name a few. 8) Nautical sports (Kayaking, fishing, boating) With all that coastline, there is plenty of adventure to be had here too. Kayaking, Swimming, fishing, scuba diving and sailing can be enjoyed all year round. So don’t forget your swimsuit. 9) Thermal Spas One of the most leisurely activities to do in the region, is visit a thermal spa. I had the pleasure of experiencing the historic Balneario de Archena wellness facility. The minerals in the water have a therapeutic effect, making it A great place to relax and unwind, after a few days of exploring. 10) Golf If you like to swing the clubs, the region of Murcia is one of the best locations in all of Europe. Great weather and A total of 22 golf courses are here waiting for you. Well, that ends or top ten things to do in Murcia video. I hope it helps you out a bunch, but I've got to go because my foods getting cold. Until next time, see you later!

Murcia, Spain - Top 10 Things To Do!🇪🇸


Murcia, Spain is a wonderful city located in the southern part of Spain in the region of Murcia. In this video we explore the top 10 things to do in Murcia. The city of Murcia is bustling with beautiful architecture, stunning views and delicious food. So, we have compiled our list of the best things to do in Murcia, well at least our favorite. As expats living in Valencia, just a few hours on Renfe gets us to Murcia, it was a perfect getaway to explore a new region. We had a lot of fun making this video so we hope you enjoy Murcia as much as us! Cheers! Murcia, Spain - Top 10 Things To Do!🇪🇸 Support our channel and buy us a beer! We appreciate your support! Cheers! 🤍 Here is the hotel we stayed at, it was just a two minute walk to the center square and surrounded by fantastic restaurants: 🤍 How we book our train tickets: 🤍 How we send and receive money from the US, it is really fast and has saved us $$$ over the years! Click here for a free $600 transfer! 🤍 LETS CONNECT: Follow us for real time updates and behind the scenes content! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Website: 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:30 Plaza del Cardenal Belluga 1:04 Murcia Cathedral 1:35 Delicious Murcian Snack 2:40 Real Casino 3:38 Glorieta de Espana and River Walk 4:51 Central Market 5:17 Plaza de las Flores 6:44 Brewery 7:58 Gastronomy 11:45 Day Trip - Cartagena The Restaurants we visited: Zaher patisseries Great Pasteleros:C. Riquelme, 13, 30005 Murcia Salon del Secreto:Pl. Sta. Catalina, 3, 30004 Murcia El Secreto: Pl. Sta. Catalina, 1, 30004 Murcia Las Viandas: C. Pascual, 2, 30004 Murcia La Tapeoteca: Pl. San Pedro, 3, 30004 Murcia A Couple of Nomads? Who are we? Well, we are a couple from worlds apart that has chosen Valencia, Spain to be our home base. Vicky is born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, now an American citizen. Josh is an American, well, born and raised in small town, Ohio. We left our jobs, family and friends and moved to Valencia, Spain in the middle of the pandemic. We decided to that we should also start a YouTube channel to show the world that, you can do anything (even if you are getting grey hair), if you think you can! If you want to see how a couple of expats can live the Mediterranean dream, and you want to join us on our journey...then subscribe, we would love to have you as part of our extended family! Cheers! Vicky & Josh This description does contain affiliate links in which we do receive a small commission if you purchase after clicking with no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support! #Murcia #MurciaSpain #MurciaEspana #MurciaTop10 #BestThingsToDo #Renfe #Spain #FoodTour

La desconsiderada de ESPAÑA | MURCIA


Murcia es una ciudad y municipio español, capital de la Región de Murcia. Es el centro de la comarca de la Huerta de Murcia y de su área metropolitana. Está situada en el sureste de la península ibérica, a orillas del río Segura, en la denominada depresión prelitoral murciana, a 40 kilómetros del mar Mediterráneo. Con 460 349 habitantes (INE 2021), es el séptimo municipio más poblado de España. El área urbana de la ciudad (o zona metropolitana), aunque no establecida oficialmente, comprendería a unos diez municipios de la Región de Murcia, contando con una población de 672 773 habitantes en 2020, repartidos en una superficie total de 1230,92 km², con una densidad de población de 547 hab/km².De este modo, el área urbana de Murcia ocuparía el 10.º puesto en la lista de áreas metropolitanas de España. Es un importante centro de servicios en el que el sector terciario ha sucedido a su antigua condición de exportador agrícola por antonomasia, gracias a su célebre y fértil huerta, por la cual era conocido como la «Huerta de Europa». Entre sus industrias más destacadas se encuentran la alimentaria, la textil, la química, la de destilación y la fabricación de muebles y materiales de construcción, estando muchas de ellas ubicadas en el Polígono Industrial Oeste, considerado uno de los más grandes de la península (compartido con el municipio de Alcantarilla). Es también un importante centro de gran tradición universitaria desde que fuera fundada la primera universidad en 1272.​ Actualmente es sede de dos universidades: la pública Universidad de Murcia y la privada Universidad Católica San Antonio, con alrededor de 50 000 estudiantes. De orígenes inciertos, hay constancia de que fue fundada en el año 825 por orden de Abderramán II, probablemente, sobre un asentamiento anterior de origen romano. Durante la Edad Media, Murcia llegó a ser capital de la cora de Tudmir,​ posteriormente fue cabeza de distintos reinos de taifas de creciente importancia en los siglos xi, xii y xiii​ y entre 1243-1266 se incorporó a la Corona de Castilla como capital del Reino de Murcia, siendo además ciudad con voto en cortes y sede episcopal desde 1291. De su patrimonio histórico-artístico destacan su célebre Catedral, de fachada barroca e interior principalmente gótico, el afamado Casino, de suntuosos interiores; el denso patrimonio escultórico de Francisco Salzillo, y un gran conjunto de edificios barrocos. En el ámbito cultural es conocida por su rico folclore, especialmente vistoso durante las Fiestas de Primavera y las procesiones de Semana Santa, declaradas de Interés Turístico Internacional.​ El Consejo de Hombres Buenos de la Huerta de Murcia, ejemplo de tribunal consuetudinario de regantes del Mediterráneo español, está declarado Patrimonio cultural inmaterial de la Humanidad por la Unesco.

Walking in MURCIA / Spain 🇪🇸- 4K 60fps (UHD)


Murcia / Spain is a university city and the capital of a region also named Murcia. With around 440.000 inhabitants it is ranking seventh in Spain. Murcia was founded in 831 under Moorish rule while now there are several baroque churches in the city. We start out our at the main baroque cathedral: The late 14th century "Cathedral Church of Saint Mary" in Murcia. We circle the impressive building and check out several of the squares in the old town. There are many cafés and restaurants where people enjoy this late afternoon. We head to the river Segura where Murcia has several gardens. There are some fountains for a nice atmosphere for walking around. In the more modern district of "El Carmen" across the rover we see the garden "Jardín De Floridablanca" and make our way back to the old town. The sunset is getting closer so we see the cathedral once again, have a peek inside and end this nice afternoon / evening walking tour of Murcia. Timeline: 0:00 Catedral de Murcia 6:00 In the Old Town 11:00 Plaza Julián Romea 16:00 Plaza Santo Domingo 20:30 Plaza San Bartolomé 22:40 Plaza Sta. Catalina 26:30 Southern City Centre 29:20 Malecón Gardens 37:00 Along the Segura river 40:00 El Carmen 43:43 Jardín De Floridablanca 49:00 Back to Old Town 55:15 Old Town 59:30 Cathedral of Murcia 1:03:30 Inside the Cathedral Filmed in February 2020 Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60 Mic: Zoom H1 #poptravel #murcia #spain

Region of Murcia, Spain Travel Guide: Coast, City, Culture & Cuisine


The Murcia Region of Spain has 250km+ of coastline (the Costa Calida), historic roman ruins in Cartagena, fantastic value tapas, an amazing wine route, and is perfect for a city break in the capital of Murcia, a road-trip, or a beach escape. Lesser known than other parts of Spain it makes for a less crowded summer getaway, while the year-round climate stays fairly mild along the coast, making it a contender for a winter break too. Read more 👇 🤍



Luăm o semiremorcă încărcată din Murcia și o ducem în Madrid…sunteți pregătiți de cursă?! 💪😃

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Murcia liegt im Südosten Spaniens, nur 30-Autominuten vom Meer entfernt. Sie hat nicht nur zahlreiche Sehenswürdigkeiten aus der Zeit der Mauren zu bieten, sondern ist auch eine junge, pulsierende Universitätsstadt. Mehr unter: 🤍

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Siempre tenía pendiente entrar a ver la ciudad de Murcia y conocer esa enorme catedral que se ve desde las afueras. 1 de cada 5 verduras y hortalizas exportadas en España provienen de la huerta de la Región, dejando a España como el 3° país exportador hortofrutícola. Y esto es gracias a la Red de canalizaciones de agua que discurren por su terreno desde hace cientos de años,... bueno mejor! vamos al vídeo y a conocer esta bella ciudad! No te pierdas el vídeo! 😍 Estoy en Instagram 🤍tonibarranco No olvides suscribirte y darle 🔔 para que te notifique cada nuevo vídeo! Gracias😉 #murcia

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*Subtitles in English and Spanish* Murcia, located in the South-East of Spain, is one of the European cities with the most sunshine hours and has an identity linked to agriculture. A few years ago, a platform of Murcia citizens succeeded in fighting for a fairer use of the public space. Now, urban planners from Murcia Council Hall are now carrying out several projects to transform the city into a more environmentally and people-friendly place. The Visual Utopian Digital Gardener Jam Kamensky visits the city and shares an animation with his utopian vision to transform one of Murcia's hot traffic spots. Soundtrack & Topic: 00:00 Muerdo - De dónde vengo | Intro 00:56 Mala Cotton - Acho! | Jan Kamensky choosing location for his utopian vision animation 02:35 Varry Brava - Raffaella | Public gardens 03:54 Las Wonders - Entropía | Heat & Tree Plantation Project 05:56 Marañones - El nómada | Bike lanes project 06:56 Al Dual - A New Day Will Be True | Pedestrianization 07:58 Second - Quiero equivocarme | Riverside Rehabilitation 08:49 El Bosco - Telar Sónico | Riverside Rehabilitation II 09:34 Quike Ruíz - Epic World | History of train railways in Murcia 10:36 Santi Campillo - Señor Dinero | Citizen mobilization & Demonstrations to stop the project to bring the speed train on the surface 11:27 Murcia citizen Platform - The Wall | Demonstrations to fight for the burying of the train rails 14:00 Un Tal Jero - Murcia, qué cosas tienes | Jan Kamensky Utopian Visual Animation for Murcia Links: · A Mr. Challenge Films Production: 🤍 · Film and produced by: Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo · Jan Kamensky: 🤍 Connect with Urban Cycling Institute: Website - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Linkedin - 🤍 Coursera - 🤍

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#auswandern #spanien #vlog Unser erster Vlog als Auswanderer in Spanien! Wir wollen euch ein bisschen mehr in unseren Alltag in Spanien mitnehmen und die verschiedenen Orte hier in der Region zeigen! Wenn Ihr Fragen zu dazu habt, stellt Sie gerne und ich gehe in kommenden Videos darauf ein! Instagram 🤍flyinganka Music by: 🤍 ►MEIN EQUIPMENT: Kamera: *🤍 GoPro Halterung: *🤍 GoPro Adapter Mikro: *🤍 Mikrofon: *🤍 Laptop: *🤍 Stativ: *🤍 Ringlicht: *🤍 iPad: *🤍 ►Meine Hair Favourites: Glätteisen: *🤍 Lockenstab: *🤍 Fön: *🤍 ►Für unsere Katzen: Katzen WC: *🤍 Luftdichte Futterschale: *🤍 _ *Affiliate Links. Die Links hängen mit dem Partnerprogramm von Amazon zusammen. Sie dienen zur Orientierung und zum einfachen Finden der Produkte und werden, falls sie genutzt werden, mit einer kleinen Provision ausgezahlt, es entstehen für Dich keine Mehrkosten. Wo ihr eure Produkte kauft, bleibt natürlich euch selbst belassen.

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What to do in Murcia? I have some of the best things to do in this south-eastern region of Spain for you :) We're talking snorkelling, cycling, trekking and more! The coastline Costa Cálida has 250 kilometres of beaches and the Region of Murcia has 323 days of sunshine, yet it is still a hidden gem! Find out more here: 🤍 Eco friendly Cycling: 🤍 Boat Trip with Don Pancho: 🤍 Hotel Tip: 🤍 Subscribe to my channel for more travel vlogs: 🤍 Check out my Travel Vlogger playlist here: 🤍 Follow my other social channels here: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 Top attractions, Travel tips and an activity holiday video from me to you! I hope you enjoyed this film guys and I would appreciate your feedback on the new series :) This is Hidden Gems part 1! x Sandy This video is sponsored by the Murcia Tourism Board! :) #VisitMurcia #VisitSpain #EuropeTravel



Este ha sido uno de mis episodios favoritos de grabar porque he podido pasar varias horas con personas que abusan de substancias estupefacientes y intentar entender un poco lo que hay detrás de algo que aparentemente es solo un vicio. He visto sufrimiento, comportamientos ilegales, debilidad psicológica pero sobre todo personas que luchan cada día contra un monstruo muy difícil de vencer. Esta es mi experiencia en el barrio de la Fama de Murcia 👇🏼 🔥 SIGUEME EN MIS OTRAS REDES SOCIALES: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TIKTOK: 🤍 - ❤️ SI TE GUSTAN MIS VIDEOS Y ME QUIERES AYUDAR PUEDES INVITARME UN CAFÉ AQUÍ: Ko-Fi: ​​🤍 PayPal: 🤍 - 📸 MIS CÁMARAS INSTA360: One RS: 🤍 X3: 🤍 Go2: 🤍 🎥 MI EQUIPO DE GRABACIÓN: Grabadora audio Zoom H1n: 🤍 Microfono de solapa Shure MVL/A: 🤍 Microfono direcional Rode: 🤍 Palo selfie Afaith: 🤍 Chaleco negro: 🤍 Tarjeta Sd SanDisk Extreme PRO: 🤍 ​​- 📩 E-MAIL DE CONTACTO: zazzaelitaliano🤍 ​​- 𝗜NDICE: 0:00 Intro 1:06 La historia del barrio 6:52 Llego al barrio 14:08 Crack y cocaína 17:18 La vida de Paco 23:47 Una analysis interesante 31:14 Hay que ayudar 33:46 Conclusión #murcia #lafama #zazzaelitaliano

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⚽ 1-0 | Pablo Ganet (21’) ⚽ 1-1 | Urko Izeta (58’) ⚽ 2-1 | Pedro León (81’) ⚽ 3-1 | Pedro León (93’) 📍Enrique Roca -SUSCRÍBETE al canal de la RFEF ⚽ 🤍 VISITA nuestra página web oficial 👉🏻 🤍 SÍGUENOS en nuestras redes sociales📲 - FACEBOOK: 🤍 - TWITTER: 🤍 - INSTAGRAM: 🤍

GUÍA COMPLETA ▶ Qué ver en la CIUDAD de MURCIA (ESPAÑA) 🇪🇸 🌏 Turismo y viajes a REGIÓN DE MURCIA


Guía de viaje o guía de turismo completa de la ciudad de MURCIA con todos los puntos y lugares más interesantes.Descubre qué ver y qué hacer con los puntos de mayor interés de la ciudad.Espero que el vídeo os pueda servir de ayuda si planeáis hacer turismo por la capital murciana. La ciudad de Murcia fue fundada en el año 825 por los árabes, los cuales decidieron establecer un asentamiento junto al río Segura con la construcción de una alcazaba por parte del ejército de Abderramán II. Ya en el siglo 13 se construyó una medina amurallada con 95 torreones hasta que el rey Alfonso X la conquistó y convirtió a Murcia en tierra fronteriza durante la guerra entre musulmanes y cristianos. Aunque pasa algo inadvertida en los destinos turísticos de los viajeros, esta bella ciudad bien merece una oportunidad. Murcia ofrece un ambiente capitalino acogedor, interesantes museos, una bellísima catedral, puentes sobre el río, varias iglesias de interés, una amplia oferta de servicios y de ocio o una excelente gastronomía, con una huerta envidiada en gran parte de Europa. ¿No conoces Murcia? Pues acompáñame en esta guía para conocer a la capital murciana. Facebook 🤍



Comiendo sin parar en un Restaurante Tradicional de Murcia llamado El Churra donde preparan numerosos platos típicos de Murcia. En esta visita pruebo los platos más característicos de Murcia como la Ensalada Murciana, el Cordero Murciano, Pulpo a la Murciana, el Paparajote, la Leche Frita (por lo visto su origen en parte es de Murcia) así como otra serie de platos hasta a acabar reventado de comer.. ¡Disfruté muchísimo comiendo aquí! Mi ROPA DE COMIDA con Pampling, ¡Usando el Código CENANDOCONPABLO en la cesta te regalan unos Calcetines! 🤍 ¡No olvides COMPARTIR y SUSCRIBIRTE a Cenando con Pablo para no perderte más videos de COMIDA! 🙌 🤍 Más comida en: 📸 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 🎶 TIKTOK: 🤍 💻 FACEBOOK: 🤍 🔎 WEB: 🤍 📬 CONTACTO: cenandoconpablo🤍 Canción: Different Heaven - Safe And Sound [Lanzamiento de NCS] Música proporcionada por NoCopyrightSounds Descarga / transmisión gratuita: 🤍 Ver: 🤍 Music by Naomi - Individualism - 🤍 Music by WABI SABI - snowflake - 🤍 Music by Citrus Avenue - That Warm Glow - 🤍 Music by Grace Chiang - sunbathing in the dark - 🤍 Music by Mr. Jello - Passion Fruit - 🤍

Múrcia | Uma Cidade Linda para Conhecer na Espanha


Dois dias em Múrcia foram fantásticos. Tanto pelo dia quanto pela noite essa cidade esta sempre muito viva alegre. Com certeza uma das melhores cidades para se conhecer na Espanha. E uma das cidades mais lindas da Espanha FB PAGE 🤍 INSTA 🤍 #mochilaoeuropa #viagembarata

Best Way to Explore a City in One Day - Murcia, Spain


Learn how to travel continuously → 🤍 How to be a Traver Vlogger (full training) - 🤍 30 Day Free Trial of Epidemic Sound - 🤍 Get $40 for FREE on Airbnb - 🤍 We had just one day to explore Murcia and wanted to make the most of it. We had no real plan but just walked around and took it all in, which is my favourite way to explore a new place! We also made the most of our lunch and got a Menu del Dia! (apologies for our Spanish). I tried out a few new editing techniques with this, let me know what you think! SIGN UP: 🤍 Music by Da Tooby on Epidemic Sound - 🤍 - Follow me on: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Newsletter - 🤍 Email for business only - business🤍 - → How to become a Traver Vlogger (full guide) - 🤍 → Get $40 FREE Airbnb credit - 🤍 → 30 Days FREE of Epidemic Sound - 🤍 - ABOUT: Travel has changed my life and I have no plans on stopping any time soon. That's why I am now running this video blog showing you how to travel the world continuously FAQ: How did you learn to edit? I taught myself. I downloaded Premiere Pro and began to figure out how to use it through trial and error. My videos were pretty bad at first but eventually, and with the help of many tutorials, you start to figure out what works. Premiere Pro Link: 🤍 What work are you doing? I started off running this video blog while doing freelance web design and video editing to supplement my travelling lifestyle. I now rely solely on this blog to generate revenue through advertising, affiliate links and sponsorship opportunities. How do you meet the people in your videos? Hostels, guesthouses and conversations! You meet people so easily while travelling. Just open yourself up and you will meet all sorts of amazing people. ' Where do you live? Right now, I travel the world continuously and so do not have a permanent base or home anywhere. I am not sure how long this is going to be the situation but right now I just want to keep travelling. Any more questions, please post in the comments below! #Travel #TravelVlog #TravelContinuously

Murcia Spain Plaza Romea to Plaza Circular 4k UHD 60fps walking tour || COME WITH ME


Murcia, Spain, Plaza Romea to Plaza Circular - 4k UHD 60fps -walking tour || COME WITH ME Hey YouTube Lovers, ✤ Welcome to “COME WITH ME” You’re definitely in the correct place if you’re looking to redefine travel by giving you the best guided walking tours. I bring you hundreds of different tools and approaches Spiritual growth made simple, applicable and practical. I am Relaxing and enjoying a vacation right from the comfort of your own home. Sometimes Walk through the streets of different cities of the world but basically I’m sharing my experiences and information on the best guided walking tours and MORE. So if the facts around the world are what you’re looking for be sure to SUBSCRIBE & join the family. I believe you will find a lot of tips,travelling from country to country exploring tourist attractions … I always try to teach you something new. I regularly upload amazing videos. I will definitely suggest you become a member of my YouTube family by subscribing. You can suggest anything to me. If you have any ideas, please share them with me. I will definitely upload new videos as per your suggestion. 👉👉 This channel is about redefining travel by giving you the best guided walking tours. Relax and enjoy a vacation right from the comfort of your own home. Walk through the streets of different cities of the world. If you’re looking for the best travel country to country exploring the tourist attraction, culture, tips to brighten your day I definitely suggest you subscribe to become a member of my YouTube family. 📣 Please tell us what you think of this video ??? ⭐⭐ This walking tour was recorded in Murcia, Spain. For the best experience, be sure to choose 2160p Video quality, turn on closed captions [CC] and wear headphones 🎧 as you watch this tour. Murcia is a beautiful city in the south east of Spain. In COME WITH ME, we share many videos from different places and cities of the world. If you want to have a real virtual experience of walking in Jaen, then COME WITH ME ... In the link below you have access to the walking route: 🤍 Closed Caption [CC] resources: 🤍 Murcia, Spain, Plaza Romea to Plaza Circular - 4k UHD 60fps -walking tour || COME WITH ME ⭐⭐#murcia #spain #come_with_me #murcia_plaza_romeo #walking_tour #4k_UHD_60fps #murcia_plaza_circular #walking_tour_murcia #murcia_cathedral #murcia_santo_domingo 👉 Subscribe to our channel. And press the bell🔔 icon. 🤍 - ⏰ Video Duration: 00:15:57 ⌚ Chapters 00:00 Introduction 00:54 Part 1 04:18 Part 2 07:20 Part 3 09:30 Part 4 10:50 Part 5 12:50 Part 6 ​................................................................................................................................... ⌚ New Video Every other day ⌚ 👉 Don't forget to tell me your opinion in the comments below. Thank you for supporting “COME WITH ME ” you can follow me on the Social Media Links Below: Follow me. ❤ Instagram: 🤍 🔔 Become a member of YouTube: 🤍 - - 📺 Watch my previous videos 📺 🎬 Girona, Spain, Jardins de la Francesa 🤍 🎬 Jaen, Andalucia, Spain, Cathedral de Jaén 🤍 🎬 Barcelona, Spain, Montserrat 🤍 🎬 walking tour Empuries, Costa Brava, Spain 🤍 -. I would first like to invite my viewers to come to visit me at my other locations. ✿ STAY CONNECTED ✿ 🔎 Instagram: 🤍come_with_me_youtub ❣ SPONSORED ❣ No, this video was not sponsored. - 📧 For Business Inquiries 📧 Mail: bahramahmadi03🤍 - ⚠️ "DISCLAIMER:⚠️ This Channel DOES NOT Promote or encourage Any illegal activities, all contents provided by This Channel is meant for EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT only. ⚠️ ⭐ Thanks a lot for watching this video⭐

ENTRO en un NARCOPISO | Murcia 🇪🇸


No lo he contado practicamente a nadie pero el momento en el que entré en el narcopiso, fué uno de los más intenso de mi canal. He descubierto un barrio difcil donde pero la gente me ha recibido con mucha amabilidad y buen rollo. En este episodio vamos a visitar e barrio de Espinardo, en Murcia, mejor conocido como "Las casas baratas". 🔥 SIGUEME EN MIS OTRAS REDES SOCIALES: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TIKTOK: 🤍 - ❤️ SI TE GUSTAN MIS VIDEOS Y ME QUIERES AYUDAR PUEDES INVITARME UN CAFÉ AQUÍ: Ko-Fi: ​​🤍 PayPal: 🤍 - 📸 MIS CÁMARAS INSTA360: One RS: 🤍 X3: 🤍 Go2: 🤍 🎥 MI EQUIPO DE GRABACIÓN: Grabadora audio Zoom H1n: 🤍 Microfono de solapa Shure MVL/A: 🤍 Microfono direcional Rode: 🤍 Palo selfie Afaith: 🤍 Chaleco negro: 🤍 Tarjeta Sd SanDisk Extreme PRO: 🤍 ​​- 📩 E-MAIL DE CONTACTO: zazzaelitaliano🤍 ​​- 𝗜NDICE: 0:00 Intro 0:52 la historia del barrio 8:06 entro en el barrio 12:42 el narcopiso 14:59 seguimos descubriendo la zona 21:40 la entrevista 26:50 concluimos el tour #murcia #espinardo #gitanos #zazzaelitaliano

Transportistas de Murcia denuncian que la rebaja salarial del 42% es "inasumible"


Transportistas de Murcia se han manifestado este viernes para denunciar que la rebaja salarial de 42% a los trabajadores de los buses 'coloraos' es "inasumible'. (Fuente: POPULAR Murcia) Puedes leer la noticia en: 🤍 Visto en: 🤍

Introductie van Murcia Stad


Ontdek samen met ons de stad Murcia. Voor veel mensen onbekend maar het heeft zeker veel te bieden. Kijk op onze website voor meer aanbod of vraag naar meer informatie! 🤍 Email: info🤍 Tel: +34 617 257 438 UW DROOM IS ONZE PASSIE DroomHuisSpanje



Ciao a tutti ragazzi! Vi porgo le mie scuse anticipate se in questo periodo usciranno meno video, magari una volta a settimana. Nel frattempo spero che questa tipologia di video vi piaccia!! Se sì, lasciatemi un like ed iscrivetevi al canale! A presto!!

Living in Spain - Why is Murcia so popular with expats? with Expat in Mazarron!


In this hook up with Shaun from YouTube channel Expat in Mazarron, Skatz finds out why the Murcia region is so popular with expats moving to Spain and living there. For chapter headings and TIMECODES, scroll to the end of this description My guest Shaun's YouTube Channel Expat in Mazarrón 🤍 IMPORTANT websites: 'Upsticks' for help with Visas & Residency (free callback available): 🤍 Upsticks on YouTube: 🤍 For the best Currency Exchange rates and advice, open a FREE account with SMART: 🤍 Support Skatz & YouTooSpain with a donation: 🤍 Buy Skatz a coffee to support YouTooSpain! 🤍 YouTooSpain website for news, resources, links and articles: 🤍 - Check out the music of Lee Spreadbury, writer of the theme music! Here's a link to his cosmic and groovy site. 🤍 YouTooSpain's Facebook Community: 🤍 YouTooSpain T-Shirts & Merchandise: 🤍 Affiliate links - get discounts using these codes: Apostille Services UK for apostille and translations: use the code ANDREWAPO for a discount!! 🤍 Learn Spanish with uTalk and get a 30% discount! 🤍 Get MOBILE PHONE discounts with Lobster using this link: 🤍 V1CE digital business cards, save a fortune on printed business cards! 🤍?ref:YouTooSpain ​#visa​ #Visa​ #visaforspain​ #VisaForSpain​ #SpanishVisa​​ #howtogetavisaforspain​ #howtogetaspanishvisa​ #howmuchdoesitcost​ #Spain​ #MovingToSpain​ #movingtospain​ #MoveToSpain​ #movetospain​ #SpanishPassport​ #LivingInSpain​ #livinginspain​ #SpainTravel​ #TravelInSpain​ #GoldenVisa​ #TravelSpain​ #expat​ #expats​ #ExPats​ #BritsInSpain​ #emigrate​ #Brexit​ #BritishInSpain​ #Irish​ #retiretospain​ #RetireToSpain​ #Brexit​ #selfemployedinspain​ #selfemployedspain​ #NLV​ #autonomo​ #nonlucrativevisainspain​ #spainbrexit​ #importcar #HowTo #ImportACar #nonlucrativeresidency #retirementvisa #mylawyerinspain #spaintax #movetoSpain #nonresidentSpain #FAQs #buyingahouseinspain #residencyspecialist #upsticks​ #upsticksspain​ #therealupsticks​ #chrisgoodacre​ #malaga​ #livingthedream #forex #money #currencyexchange #NonLucrativeVisa​ #NIE​ #goldenvisa​ #spanishwills​ #euresidencyinspain​ #malaga TIMECODES & Chapters: 00:00 Intro 02:17 Guest intro and shoutouts 04:22 Where is Murcia and what are the flights and transport links like? 08:31 Viewer questions - and what does Murcia have? 12:00 Flights to Murcia, and more viewer comments 13:38 Property charges in Murcia (also see 17:15) 14:50 Why is Murcia so popular? The main things 17:15 Property charges part 2 18:11 Work opportunities in bars, and learning Spanish 22:13 Charity work on the NLV 22:45 Why did Shaun pick Murcia? 28:50 Is it cold in the winter? 31:40 Driving licence update and what’s the situation in Murcia? 38:15 Working remotely in Spain? 41:28 How easy is it to get residency appointments? 43:36 What is a digital signature? 46:18 What is a TIE card? 47:10 Bank recommendations 51:10 Murcia food - I didn’t learn much here! 53:10 Shaun’s channel 57:28 The most important thing about Murcia and Spain 1:01:00 Does Shaun like Murcia city? 1:04:10 Show roundup and outro

Lenovo Tenerife v UCAM Murcia | Round of 16 Week 1 | Highlights - Basketball Champions League 22/23


Watch the highlights of the game between Lenovo Tenerife and UCAM Murcia from the Round of 16 Week 1 of the FIBA Basketball Champions League 2022/23. #BasketballCL ►► Subscribe & hit the bell! 🔔: 🤍 ►► Watch Live: 🤍 Website: 🤍ball TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Murcia | Spain | Travel Guide 🇪🇸


My name is Gabe and on this channel i'm showing you where to travel 2022 and how can you solo travel with a drone in Murcia Spain I'm not a travel guru, however i'm trying to find the most underrated cities and destination and present them in my solo travel vlog. Considering subscribing for best backpacking destinations. Wanderlust by Nomyn 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Time Out - Atch 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Show Me by LiQWYD 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Pinar Karsiyaka v UCAM Murcia | Full Game | Basketball Champions League 2022/23


Watch the full game between Pinar Karsiyaka and UCAM Murcia from Play-Ins - Game 2 of the FIBA Basketball Champions League 2022/23. #BasketballCL ►► Subscribe & hit the bell! 🔔: 🤍 ►► Watch Live: 🤍 Website: 🤍ball TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

EL BARRIO de los NARCOS de MURCIA | El poligono de la paz 🇪🇸


Justo detrás del barrio de La Fama, que ya vimos en otro episodio pasado, se encuentra el famoso “Polígono de La Paz”, uno de los barrios con los pisos más baratos de toda España. Me han acompañado en este paseo dos chicos gitanos que conocen bien la zona y sus vecinos. Mi impresión general ha sido bastante positiva, seguramente se puede notar el mal estado general de las viviendas pero las personas en general me han parecido amables. 🔥 SIGUEME EN MIS OTRAS REDES SOCIALES: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TIKTOK: 🤍 - ❤️ SI TE GUSTAN MIS VIDEOS Y ME QUIERES AYUDAR PUEDES INVITARME UN CAFÉ AQUÍ: Ko-Fi: ​​🤍 PayPal: 🤍 - 📸 MIS CÁMARAS INSTA360: One RS: 🤍 X3: 🤍 Go2: 🤍 🎥 MI EQUIPO DE GRABACIÓN: Grabadora audio Zoom H1n: 🤍 Microfono de solapa Shure MVL/A: 🤍 Microfono direcional Rode: 🤍 Palo selfie Afaith: 🤍 Chaleco negro: 🤍 Tarjeta Sd SanDisk Extreme PRO: 🤍 ​​- 📩 E-MAIL DE CONTACTO: zazzaelitaliano🤍 ​​- 𝗜NDICE: 0:00 Intro 1:07 La historia del barrio 3:28 El señor del crack 5:42 La droga no 6:46 Nos acercamos al barrio 9:54 Un episodio horrible 11:40 La fiesta 16:39 Seguimos explorando 23:25 Los vecinos #murcia #poligonodelapaz #zazzaelitaliano



Last week I travelled around the Murcia region of Spain on behalf of The Travel Hack. Here's a snippet of what I got up to. Check out The Travel Hack for more details on the trip. 🤍 (click here for more details) - *SUBSCRIBE* Youtube Channel - 🤍 Blog - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Bloglovin - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Music credit: Amarante 'UltraViolet' *EQUIPMENT I USE* Canon 60D (newer model is the 70D 🤍 Canon S120 🤍 50mm 1.8 lens 🤍 10-18mm 4.5-5.6 lens 🤍 Edited on imovie *DISCLAIMER* Some, but not all, of the shopping links are affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through this link it will not make any difference to the cost to you but it does mean the service provider may pay me a small percentage of the sale for making the recommendation. Please know that I personally use and recommend all of the following, I have found them useful and helpful. Any PR/review products are sent for consideration only. They will be marked with an asterisk (*) This is not a sponsored video.



Los rosales, situado en el barrio del Palmar en la periferia de Murcia es seguramente uno de los barrios con más venta ilegal de toda la ciudad. A diferencia de la mayoría de los episodios grabados en España, aquí hay una presencia importante no sólo de gitanos si no también de Árabes y africanos subsaharianos. En este episodio he podido visitar un piso donde se cultiva y otro donde se venden sustancias ilegales. 🔥 SIGUEME EN MIS OTRAS REDES SOCIALES: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TIKTOK: 🤍 - ❤️ SI TE GUSTAN MIS VIDEOS Y ME QUIERES AYUDAR PUEDES INVITARME UN CAFÉ AQUÍ: Ko-Fi: ​​🤍 PayPal: 🤍 - 📸 MIS CÁMARAS INSTA360: One RS: 🤍 X3: 🤍 Go2: 🤍 🎥 MI EQUIPO DE GRABACIÓN: Grabadora audio Zoom H1n: 🤍 Microfono de solapa Shure MVL/A: 🤍 Microfono direcional Rode: 🤍 Palo selfie Afaith: 🤍 Chaleco negro: 🤍 Tarjeta Sd SanDisk Extreme PRO: 🤍 ​​- 📩 E-MAIL DE CONTACTO: zazzaelitaliano🤍 ​​- 𝗜NDICE: 0:00 Intro 1:11 A tomar por... 2:57 La historia del barrio 4:38 Entro en los rosales 18:46 Tour con Dani 27:52 Los narcopisos 31:55 Consideraciones finales #murcia #rosales #zazzaelitaliano

Murcia, Spain, Plaza Circular - 4k UHD 60fps -walking tour- with Subtitles


This walking tour was recorded in Murcia, Spain. For the best experience, be sure to choose 2160p Video quality, turn on closed captions [CC] and wear headphones 🎧 as you watch this tour. Murcia is a beautiful city in the south east of Spain. In COME WITH ME, we share many videos from different places and cities of the world. If you want to have a real virtual experience of walking in Jaen, then COME WITH ME ... In the link below you have access to the walking route: 🤍 Closed Caption [CC] resources: 🤍 Murcia, Spain, Plaza Circular - 4k UHD 60fps -walking tour- with Subtitles come with me,murcia,murcia spain,murcia spain 4k,murcia walking tour,murcia walk,murcia spain walking tour,walking tour murcia,spain walking tour,murcia plaza romea,murcia plaza romea walking tour,murcia gran via,murcia plaza circular,murcia cathedral walking tour,murcia 4k,murcia santo domingo,murcia santo domingo walking tour,murcia turismo,murcia city,murcia españa,murcia vlog,murcia nightlife,murcia que hermosa eres

🇪🇸MURCIA | Walking Tour | Spain Dec 2022 | 4K Ultra HD 60FPS


In Today's Video walking in MURCIA SPAIN this city is amazing hope you love it this Second day Of Tour. Murcia is a university city in southeastern Spain and the capital of a region also named Murcia. Plaza Cardenal Belluga is the city’s architectural showpiece, where the ornate cathedral, with its mash-up of styles from Gothic to baroque, and the colorful 18th-century Palacio Episcopal stand in striking contrast to the modern 1990s Ayuntamiento (city hall) annex by architect Rafael Moneo. Feel Free to SUBSCRIBE if you can't no issue thanks 😁😍 Gracias me Amor 😘❤ Subscribe here : 🤍 Murcia Walking Map 🤍 Tiktok : 🤍 Follow me here : 🤍 Follow me here : 🤍 For Business purposes : alvinbrianlsanguenza🤍 Copyright ©️2022 Brian Walking All Rights Reserved #BrianWalking #4kviralvideos #murcia #waterfountain #2022 #spain #mustsee #moreviews2022 #moresubscribers2022 #paseonavideño #navidad

Check-In Murcia | Hoteltour met Jan de Boer 🌴


De dag na de met 3-2 gewonnen oefenwedstrijd tegen FC Metz stond grotendeels in het teken van herstel. Na het kort bekijken van wat wedstrijdbeelden van de dag ervoor en een activatie als opstart voor de veldtraining, stond de selectie zondagochtend een uur op de grasmat van het DoubleTree La Torre Golf Resort in Roldan-Murcia. De middag en avond dienden ter ontspanning.

Descubre la ciudad de Murcia


Vídeo que describe la ciudad de Murcia, su patrimonio, su luz y su oferta de arte y ocio.

'Mga Kamao ng Murcia', dokumentaryo ni Kara David (Full episode) | I-Witness


Aired (September 3, 2022): Mula sa isang payak na bayan sa Negros Occidental, isinilang ang isang world boxing champion—si Donnie "Ahas" Nietes. Para sundan ang kanyang mga yapak, maagang sumasabak sa bakbakan ang mga kabataan sa lugar. Pangarap nila na maging susunod na kamao ng Murcia. #IWitness #KaraDavid #MgaKamaoNgMurcia ‘I-Witness’ is GMA Network's longest-running and most awarded documentary program. It is hosted by the country’s top documentarists - Howie Severino, Kara David, Sandra Aguinaldo, and Atom Araullo. ‘I-Witness’ airs every Saturday, 10:30 PM on GMA Network. Subscribe to for our full episodes. GMA Network promotes healthy debate and conversation online. Any abusive language that does not facilitate productive discourse will be blocked from this post. GMA Network upholds ethical standards of fairness, objectivity, accuracy, transparency, balance, and independence. Walang Kinikilingan, Walang Pinoprotektahan, Serbisyong totoo lamang. Subscribe to the GMA Public Affairs channel: 🤍 Visit the GMA News and Public Affairs Portal: 🤍 Connect with us on: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

2 Bed 2 Bath Apartment only €59,950 Murcia Spain


This lovely apartment offers the best value for money we have seen. Overlooking a large swimming pool, gardens, play park and sports area, located on a secure gated resort. 🤍

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